Jump Creek

Written for Proof Eyewear’s Blog

Last May I was introduced to a little slice of heaven on earth when my good friend Jenny invited me to skip my Monday responsibilities and go on an adventure with her. We drove out of town one hour west to hike a trail called Jump Creek.

Upon arriving we found a trailhead that led to a large canopy of trees which provided shade to a small creek that flowed from Jump Creek’s waterfall.

Hopping from rock to rock, we challenged ourselves to not get our feet wet. This plan failed quickly. As soon as both of my feet were completely submerged, I lost track of the to-do list that had been distracting me the entire drive over. Every thought about the outside world faded away, and all I was concerned with was the feeling of sweat on my forehead, dirt on my legs, sunshine hitting my skin, and water in my shoes.

After walking through the trees, we found ourselves at the start of the hike. It didn’t take us long to decide which route we were going to take. We looked at the top of the waterfall, looked at one another, nodded, and decided we were going to find our way to the top somehow.

Instead of going straight towards the pool that gathered at the bottom of the waterfall, we made a right and found ourselves at the base of a rock wall. We bouldered around the bottom and then decided to move upwards where the waterfall was. There were no ropes to provide us with a sense of security—only the kind offer of strangers (thank you, Jenkins Family) to spot us as we scaled this wall. With a little bit of struggle, we were able to get firm footing and made it to the top of the waterfall where a breathtaking view awaited us.

We sat at the top of the waterfall for a while to soak it all in and then decided to keep moving forward and see what else this gem of a hike had in store.

As we started back towards the trail, we ran into the Jenkins family again. They asked us if we were going to keep hiking and if we wanted to join them. Jenny and I were in the mood for an adventure and making new friends so we said yes, and followed close behind.

They asked us if we knew what poison ivy looked like. At first I was uncertain as to why they asked us this, until I realized it was because there were bits of poison ivy all around the trail. They noticed the look of panic on our faces and told us that we had no need to worry—unless we had been rolling around in it.  

Mr. Jenkins had a lot of practical tips to share about hiking and the outdoors, but he was also certain to thread his statements with little bits of life advice. While I’m grateful that his knowledge kept me from developing a poison ivy rash, I think my favorite thing he shared with us was, “It’s all an adventure. Don’t forget to look up and enjoy the view.”

With a new appreciation for the view in front of us, Jenny and I split from the Jenkins family and went back to the beginning of the trail. Before leaving, we decided that it would be criminal not to jump in to the pool underneath the waterfall. The two of us jumped in fully clothed, walked back to the car-soaking wet and headed home feeling revived. Do yourself a favor and take a day to ignore your priorities, go on this stunning hike, and look up to enjoy the view.

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