Written for Arise Women’s Conference

She is timeless—a daughter, sister, mother, friend—a child and a queen at the same time.

Generous, joyful, creative, deep, beautiful, nurturing, powerful, bold, courageous, hope-filled, radiant.

She is confident that despite the mistakes she has made, she has also gotten a lot right.

She has exceeded expectations, sacrificed, and stepped out in faith.

She loves big because it is worth the risk. She is compassionate and forgiving, and she cries out on behalf of others.

She is beautiful—not because she looks like someone else—but because she does not.

Healing is hers. She is not broken.

She is not too much. She is enough. She is just right.

She speaks life into those around her.

She slows down and sees things through the Father’s eyes of love.

She is God’s favorite.

She knows her voice, understands her value, and speaks without reservation.

She celebrates the victories of others as though they were her own.

She opens her arms, invites people in, and welcomes them home.

She knows that she is approved of and that God is pleased with her.

She is stepping into freedom and learning what it’s like to fly.

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