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Series of Instagram posts written for @thisisboise

Pedego Boise

A few weeks ago, our office spent the afternoon riding around on @pedegoboise’s bikes. You could say that this experience brought out the inner child in all of us! 😆🚴🏼 Nicole, the co-owner of Pedego Boise filled us in on what they are all about!

1) Why electric bikes?
Go farther, carry cargo, beat headwinds, climb hills with ease, and just have fun!

2) Who would be a perfect fit for an electric bike?
Everyone looking for the ability to do more on a bike than they do now. 

3) Where are the best places to ride a Pedego bike?
Bike paths around town, and on trails in the backcountry.

4) What is something you want everyone to know about Pedego Boise?
The idea behind Pedego Boise is to broaden the spectrum of Idaho bike riders to include those who would like to increase travel distance, overcome physical limitations, need assistance fighting hills and headwinds in a commute, desire the opportunity to carry cargo (or kids) easier, or those who are simply looking for an alternative to cars. They offer an opportunity for improved health and connection with the community.

Studio Boise

This week we wanted to give you a glimpse into one of Boise’s latest and greatest innovations, @StudioBoise! This studio was created with the chief aim of providing photographers with a place and the tools necessary to help them reach their creative goals. We met up with founder, Scott Williams, and creative director, Denise Ramirez to hear more about what @StudioBoise has to offer!

Studio Boise was established in August 2015, but their doors are opening to the public on July 9th! The idea for this company stemmed from the need for an affordable photography studio in our city. Studio Boise was started specifically for photographers, with the goal of supporting creatives—not going after their wallets. Their prices undoubtedly support this claim, as studio rentals start at only $30/hour and are available 24/7! They also have a conference room available that can be used for client consultations, free of charge. Beyond the services they offer, Studio Boise hosts gallery exhibits for Idaho artists trying to get their foot in the door. If you would like to get involved, shoot them an email and they will contact you once they begin searching for the next exhibit.

As we said earlier, they open this Saturday and are having a launch party to celebrate! For more details on how you can join the party click on the #linkinbio!

Boise’s Bakery

The other day we stopped in at Boise’s Bakery on State and 30th to try some of their famous sugar cookies and meet the mastermind behind this brilliant shop!

The gal you see in this picture is 17 years old and founded Boise’s Bakery with her mom back in 2013. They opened this shop because they love baking and wanted to share it with the community. If you feen for macarons, cookies, pound cakes, and hand pies, you need to check this place out! They are best known for their vegan treats and traditional French macarons.

Boise’s Bakery is located inside of BeeWiseGoods on State Street. You can stop in Tuesday-Thursday from 11-5 & Friday-Saturday from 9-5. For more information about Boise’s Bakery, their new location’s hours, as well as their menu click on the #linkinbio

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