Postnatal Chiropractic Care

Written for Bodo Chiropractic

With the arrival of a new baby, parents undergo a lot of lifestyle changes. Between learning a new sleep schedule, bonding with baby, and diving into the uncertainties of parenthood—this time can be both thrilling and overwhelming. In the mix of all this, it is easy for mothers to neglect the very wellness strategies that brought them great success throughout their pregnancy. Necessities such as getting an adequate amount of sleep, personal time, and taking care of your body tend to transform into luxuries that take the backseat. However, through putting in the effort to implement a few simple and intentional health and wellness strategies, you can set yourself up for a successful season as a new mom.

From the time of pregnancy until about a year after a new baby is delivered, the hormone “relaxin” is in a woman’s body. Relaxin helps accommodate the demand that carrying a baby places on one’s bones and connective tissue. In the postpartum period, this hormone continues to impact a woman’s body—often creating a feeling of shakiness, which can make it challenging to walk and stand normally. As relaxin causes joints and ligaments to be rather malleable, this hormone can be manipulated and used in profitable ways. One of which, is that it makes it easier to realign ones body while receiving chiropractic care! Through getting your body adjusted back to its normal realm of functioning, you can dive back into your fitness regimen quickly and safely—helping you get fit and shed that baby weight in an efficient and healthy way.

Another component of being a new mom that tends to be overlooked is postural changes, which arise from holding a new baby for lengthy amounts of time and doing a new array of movements special to motherhood (i.e.- holding baby, carrying a car seat, etc.). It may seem silly, but things like staring at your beautiful new child place a great amount of stress on your upper back and neck. Receiving regular chiropractic care can help alleviate that pain and realign your neck so that you can continue to gaze at your beautiful bundle of joy, without developing tension in your neck.

The benefits of postnatal chiropractic care are not just for mom, but for baby as well! Chiropractic care can help provide a basis for optimal latching while breastfeeding—making it not only easier for you, but also a more nurturing process for your child. While baby develops in the womb throughout pregnancy and undergoes delivery, he or she may experience vertebral subluxation—which essentially means that their vertebrae have lost proper relationship with the bone above it, below it, or both.  This can cause interference between messages being sent between brain cells, tissues, and body organs. A chiropractor can detect this in your baby and help correct it—allowing baby to more easily sleep, eat, and be comforted. Postnatal chiropractic care for you and your baby can not only prevent a lot of unnecessary pain and discomforts, but it may also ensure that the two of you thrive at this special time!


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